Our Impact

Hope for A Better Future supports women & children in East Africa with their fundamental needs. Our work is a result of deep commitment to these people - an abandoned woman with four children and no income, a girl where her family can’t afford her school uniform, a poor woman with a capability to sew but with no sewing machine, young girls and women who miss school because they can’t afford menstruation products. Our services directly supports women and children towards a better future.

Women empowerment
Women empowerment

Our Projects

Strengthening children

Strengthening children education

In East Africa all children require a school uniform to attend school. This far from everyone can afford. We support children with uniforms and school supplies to make sure children secures the education all children are entitled to having. Towards an equal and a better future. 

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment

"There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women." - Kofi Annan. 

We can only agree and we strive to empower as many women as possible through business projects. Sustainable business that strengthens not only the women themselves but their family and community. 

Education & Community

Community women

Through regular meetings and education we bring women & youth together in the community. Sharing experiences and supporting each other the women grows stronger. 

Community is key for us and we believe it enables a brighter future for the women and their families.